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The Pet Rescue, since 2003 with its largest network of Veterinarians, Shelters, Rescue Groups, pet lovers, neighbourhood watch programs, over 65,000 participants, is providing unique nationwide support for lost pets families: the combined effort, is making the difference. Over 5 million pets are lost every year in the US: more than 15,000 per day: probably we are not able to save all of them but surely we will make a difference in the life of those that we help to get back home!

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Paw Track
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The Pet Rescue was started in 2003 and since then we have helped thousands of pets to find their way home. Then we have been accused to take advantage from lost pet’s families pain, getting money for no services rendered: in conclusion we have been accused to be a scam. For this reason and to show how serious we are in what we do. The Pet Rescue services are from now on offered free of charge.


Hopefully in this way the people that points the finger to us will stop. The Pet Rescue is on the pet's side and it always will be!

FREE CLASSIFIEDS are now active! If you do not need our Premium Service, you can place a free ad. Categories available are: Lost Pets, Found Pets, Adoptions, Community.

Participate in the Neighborhood Watch

Do you love pets? Would you like to participate in local searches for the lost ones? Wherever you are we need your help!
Became a The Pet Rescue Volunteer. Click the red bar to get more information.

GPS for your pet

It's 10 pm! Do you know where your pets are? *A GPS for your pets*
Because they cannot call home!
FREE Collar for the first 1,000 registrations!

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OIPA The Pet Rescue Solution is a member of OIPA, International Organization for Animal Protection a NGO Associated with the U. N. Dep. of Public Information.