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The Pet Rescue Solution is at the service of lost pet`s families since the 2003. We offer a unique free service and assistance in locating the lost pet with a nationwide assistance from veterinarians, rescue groups, shelters, volunteers, neighborhood watch and pet lovers. Our Red Alert feed is updated in real time and our innovative SMS Amber Alert are representing a plus, in our searches. Many websites are trying to imitate us but they cannot imitate our 13 years of experience in this field: The Pet Rescue is on the pet`s side and it is free.

We have been informed that some criminals are impersonating The Pet Rescue via phone calls or copy-cat websites. THE PET RESCUE SOLUTION is informing that our agents/promoters are registered and they have a Badge Number that can be verified with one phone call. Our agents/promoter under no circumstance will ask your Credit Card number or other sensitive information. Also, we are not able to perform miracles, we will not make false promises like finding the pet in 2 hours. We are real and we work on the pet`s side. If you have doubts regarding the person that is calling, ask the Badge Number then call us to verify. Also you will not receive phone calls from The Pet Rescue: it is a Free Website.

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Cuz we love them

Paw Track

If you like what we do or if you love what we did, please donate:
money collected will go towards the construction of The Sanctuary,
a pet retiring home for pets saved from kill shelters.

Free Service


The Pet Rescue was started in 2003 and since then has helped thousands of pets to find their way home.
The Pet Rescue service is FREE, you can read the description of the service in Our Services section.
The Pet Rescue is on the pet's side and it always will be!
Visit our websites:

WE LOVE PETS CLUB, is the place for pet lovers where to access pet health information, food, grooming and vet insurance discounts; a place for fun and much much more. The Club is on its first stage of developement and is offering the first 5000 membership for free. Visit us at:

Participate in the Neighborhood Watch

Do you love pets? Would you like to participate in local searches for the lost ones? Wherever you are we need your help!
Became a The Pet Rescue Volunteer. Click the red bar to get more information.

GPS for your pet

It's 10 pm! Do you know where your pets are? *A GPS for your pets*
Because they cannot call home!

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OIPA The Pet Rescue Solution is a member of OIPA, International Organization for Animal Protection a NGO Associated with the U. N. Dep. of Public Information.