Marko: He's a shiba inu. 1 y/o male, not neutered. He's really shy and scared of new ppl but loves to play with other dogs. His foot are white color, looks like wearing shoes. Has collar on him when he lost (but no name tag or contact tag on him, only the collar)
Lost 4/21/2014 on 1901 Callowhill St., last seen in the baseball field on the Rodin baseball field on 21st street. Philadelphia, PA
Christina Cheung
1901 Callowhill St, Apt 209 Philadelphia, PA - Phone number: 7404666669

$$$ REWARD $ 500.00 $$$

Chewy: Pomeranian, 3 1/2 pounds. Was shaved.
Lost 4/27/14: Brodheadsville , Pleasant Lane
140 Pleasant Lane Brodheadsville 18322 PA - Phone number: 9178160292

$$$ LARGE REWARD $ 1,000.00 $$$

Keelo: 2 year old beagle neutered male, tri coloring with freckles. Microchipped and had on a black collar with silver paw print with 2 rabies tags and his microchip tag attached
Lost: 5/13/14 in Penn hills, near universal/saltsburg road but could be anywhere by now
860 Cedarwood Dr Pittsburgh PA - Phone number: 412-370-0378

I just moved and Keelo got out from under my fence. He is very deeply missed by both me and my 2 year old son who goes around all day asking where he is and when he's coming home, it's heartbreaking. Please contact me anytime with any information.
$$$ REWARD $$$

Champ: Brown and white german shorthair pointer with a cropped tail
Lost 5/15/15 in Newberry, PA near Williamsport

Champ is not familiar with the area so he may be scared

MacArthur: Mac is a four year old, pure bred Maltese. He is bright white with dark eyes and he weighs six pounds. MacArthur is neutered.
Lost Mid-afternoon on April 27, 2014 from our yard
Janice and Tim Lawless
2850 Chestnut Hill Road South Coventry 19465 PA - Phone number: 6104691042 6102265407 4843667630

We are heartbroken without our Mac. Our children are sick with worry and our dog Jezzabelle is so sad without her friend.
$$$ REWARD $500.00 $$$

Taco: Chihuahua,Short Coat/Mix Small Tan/White Tail goes into pincurl not wearing any collar or tags
Lost 04/21/2014 In the area where he lives 6300 North Opal Street *map*
Veronica Heggs
6336 North Opal Street Philadelphia. 19141 PA - Phone number: 267-974-2005

I have crippling arthritis and need Taco back home in my life love and miss him very much can't sleep without him.
$$$ REWARD $ 100.00 $$$

Silos & Scarlet: Silos: reddish brown in color, male neutered. White spot on chest. Very friendly . Has chip from animal rescue league. Very possible that he is running loose with our other dog Scarlett: blue female very friendly white spot on chest also she is spayed she is very recognizable by bump on the top of her head both are pitbulls
Dogs went missing on March 2nd; we live at the bottom of Shannon Road in Verona Pennsylvania 15147

Please help we miss and love our dogs!!!
$$$ REWARD $ 200.00 $$$

Mocha: Brown and white; Brown eye (most of the time); long face; gray hound/pitt his back and tail is mainly brown but the tip of his tail is white he's very skittish
Lost Saturday Feb 22nd 2014 at 4pm; he ran out of my yard in Northeast Philadelphia (64000 of Dorcas St 19111) last seen running on Magee St towards Loretto
Ann Ngo
6411 Dorcas St Philadelphia, PA - Phone number: 2678881549

We just want our sweet baby boy back, he is missed very much.
$$$ REWARD $ 200.00 $$$

Joker: Bedlington Terrier, 17" tall, white to gray in color, should weigh about 20 lbs. Hair will grow in black if his skin is hurt so he may have some black spots by now. His hair will keep growing so he could be really long and matted by now, unless someone had him groomed.
Lost 12-22-2013 Near Fort Indiantown Gap, PA
Dorie DI Maria
460 Awol Road Jonestown 17038 PA - Phone number: 717-865-2359

$$$ REWARD $1,000.00 $$$

Duke is a Rust colored neutered male Miniature Pinscher. His tail and ears are cropped. His ears had to be recropped and are kind of round. He also has a small white spot between his shoulders where the microchip was placed.
Lost 9/13/2013 at 19184 Rte 119 Hwy N Punxsutawney, PA 15767
Larry August
19184 Rte 119 Hwy N Punxsutawney 15767 PA - Phone number: 724 464-4965

Duke was intentionally let loose by someone along with another dog that has since been found. The other dog was found on Mt Tabor Rd in Blairsville, PA about 50 miles away from home. He was sighted there only 20 hours after they were let loose. There have been no sightings of Duke at all. The person responsible claims they only opened the gate and watched them run away. So Duke could be close to home or anywhere.
$$$ LARGE REWARD $1,000.00 $$$

Click here for larger pictures
Tootsie: 9-yr.old spayed tricolor SHELTIE (toy collie)(mostly black with white chest and front legs with some tan on face).
Lost December 22, 2012 in Berks County, PA- Lancaster County, PA. line/ between RT 625 and Bowmansville Rd. and Wentzel Rd.
Carol Gouger
25 Crabgrass Lane Mohnton PA - Phone number: 6107750585

Tootsie has never been loose before, never missed a meal. A gentle sweet girl, Scared by gunshots, seen fleeing South into Lancaster County area. Loves "cookies" and "Breakfast"
$$$ REWARD $$$

Click here for larger pictures
Weasel: Male long haired Dachshund One eye is blue and the other eye is brown. He is micro chipped. His color is black, tan and red. He weighs 17 pounds.
Lost November 12, 2012 Slovan, Pennsylvania
Cynthia Boley
1104 Deborah St. N.W. North Canton OH - Phone number: 330 605-4010

He is not from this area. He needs medication.
$$$ REWARD $$$

Click here for larger pictures
Nacho: 2yr old neutered male Chihuahua. Fawn colored, with black on back and around snout. Also, has white starting under chin and down chest. Small white line on head.
Lost 08/11/2012 at Somerton section of Philadelphia, PA
Gwen Sanford
15112 Beverly Drive, Apt. A Philadelphia 19116 PA - Phone number: 2154985172

$$$ REWARD $$$

Click here for larger pictures
Marvin: white and black mask and marking Shih Tzu wearing a blue collar with tags.
Lost 7/29/2012 at Deer Lakes on Oak Road

He is very scared, hungry and missed dearly. He had a haircut a month ago, so his hair is growing back in. He has wavy hair.
$$$ REWARD $$$

Click here for larger pictures
Coco: reddish brown tail cropped on the end male dog
Coco: reddish brown tail cropped on the end male dog
Perry Kostas
46 Yellowwood Drive Levittown, PA 19057 - Phone number: 215-949-3813

Kids are heartbroken their first dog.
$$$ REWARD $$$

Click here for larger pictures
Diesel: Male Alaskan malamute white on his legs and belly brown and black on his back he is very friendly.
Lost May 14th 2012 at 135 Whitestown Rd Harmony, PA
Joanie Baker
135 Whitestown Rd Harmony 16037 PA - Phone number: 412 559 7911

Diesel is very friendly is there someone in your neighborhood that recently got a dog like this please return him to us we miss him very much we have his sister here at home and she is lost without him as we also
$$$ REWARD $500.00 $$$

Click here for larger pictures
Misty: Female Border Collie, Black & White,Small (38 lbs), 8 1/2 years old. Somewhat skittish or timid, likes kids. Had a red collar with tags.
Sue Meyer
175 Heck Road Sarver 16055 PA - Phone number: 724-353-2517

She likes to play with children. Likes to ride in cars & trucks. Afraid of loud noises, thunder.
$$$ REWARD $$$

Click here for larger pictures
Blackwell: Large black dog, cane corso
Lost 12:30/1pm Sunday March 25 2012 from 1951 Hoffmansville Rd Frederick, PA 19435
1951 Hoffmansville Rd Frederick 19435 PA - Phone number: 610 754 7731

Dog was just saved from being euthanized at city shelter, he chewed through 2 chain link fences to escape yard, he is very scared and has no idea where he is.
$$$ REWARD $$$

Click here for larger pictures
Diezel: white and tan English bulldog / Boston Terrier mix with a black and white Harley Davidson "Bad to the Bone" collar. He is neutered and very friendly, but more scared and skittish and he will not bite.
Lost 02-20-12 Raymondskill Road in Milford, Pike Cty., PA.
Ralph Courtright, Jr.
601 Raymondskill Road Milford 18337 PA - Phone number: 570-982-0621

Last seen on 02-21-12 on Marigold Lane, Milford, Pike Cty., Pa.
$$$ REWARD $$$

Click here for larger pictures
Jett: 75 lb neutered male Goldern Retriever. Big black spots on his tongue. Chipped tooth.
Lost 1/21/12 Basin St and Via Bella Williamsport, PA 17701
George Stauffer
500 Highland Terrace Williamsport, PA - Phone Number: 570-337-2156

Beloved pet needing meds.
$$$ REWARD $1,000.00 $$$

Click here for larger pictures
Remy: Black Shiba Inu with white crest on chest and graying face. Female, 7 years old, 29 lbs.
Lost Saturday, November 26, 2011 at 10:30pm 20th and South Streets in Philadelphia, PA
Rose DiPrimio
1825 Wolf St. Philadelphia, 19145 PA - Phone number: 215-518-3215

She is skittish and will run if chased
$$$ REWARD $$$

Click here for larger pictures
Cheser: mini schnauzer, black/silver (gray) body, white chest and paws, bat-like ears, 22 lbs., he has been neutered .
Lost 11/22/11 Denver, PA
Teresa Smeal
401 S 4th Street Denver, 17517 PA - Phone number: 717-669-3613

Please help us find our loving companion, everyone is missing you. He has skin allergies and needs his cream.
$$$ REWARD $$$

Click here for larger pictures
Gizmo: Neutered male, 5 yrs old, Toy Fox Terrier, mostly white with black markings, bat like black ears, brown mask like face, cropped black tail, wearing a lime green collar and tags when he went missing, skittish and shy.
Lost May 11,2011 Gizmo escaped from a kennel in Mechanicsburg, PA when we were on vacation. 710 Eppley Rd Mechanicsburg, PA
Kim Del Vecchio
10 North Chestnut St Dillsburg, 17019 PA - Phone number: 717-215-7988

Gizmo is a special member of our family and we miss him greatly!! Please help us find him!!
$$$ REWARD $$$

Click here for larger pictures
Charlie is a 6-8 y/o tan boxer with cropped ears. He was rescued from a puppy mill only 8 months ago and recently ran away from the pet sitter while his owner were away for a weekend. He is friendly but shy with people as he was abused.
Lost Friday 10/28 at night, last seen 10/29 at 9am Near Hoy Park in Audobon, PA

Please call us even if you spot a dog with his general description. Since 30 hours has passed since we last spotted him, we are worried he could be anywhere.

Click here for larger pictures
Bwana: tri-color Sheltie, medium size, black nylon collar, blue harness, very shy
Lost 8/11/2011 Mount Joy, PA

Bwana was a rescue and so is very nervous and shy especially around loud noises. He was doing so well with us, but ran off while at my brother's house (we were on vacation). Please call if you see him. He is missed very much!

Click here for larger pictures
Goliath: Brown and Black Small Yorkshire Terrier
Lost April 11, 2011 Pinch Road area of Manheim, Pennsylvania
Marty Buckwalter
2619 Pinch Road Manheim, 17545 PA - Phone number: 717-538-6368

Goliath is a very special part of our family and we are desperate to have him home safe and sound as soon as possible!

Click here for larger pictures
Ellie: 5-year old, all-white spayed, schnauzer/westie mix female
Lost 02/14/2011 Ephrata, PA

Ellie is our 5-year old, all-white spayed, schnauzer/westie mix female. We rescued her after learning she spent the majority of the 1st 6 months of her life in a cage. We miss her dearly and want her to come home. REWARD - upon confirmation of identity
$$$ REWARD $$$

Click here for larger pictures
Bubba: 5 Year Old English Bulldog. Large frame, approx. 65 lbs, white in color with black markings on nose, left eye and tip of left ear. Very Friendly.
Lost: December (around Christmas) White Deer Pike/New Columbia area.
Angie Arnold
1004 E Sunbury St Shamokin 17872 PA - Phone number: 570-648-6294 or 570-274-4020

Bubba is sadly missed by 2 young children. Do you have a neighbor who recently got a mature bulldog or have seen this bulldog in your area?
$$$ REWARD $$$

Click here for larger pictures
Sam: Tan and White Terrier. Small dog approx. 14lbs. He is friendly and quick
Lost 2/3/11 Evening Wynnefield (Phila) PA near City Ave and Bryn Mawr Ave
Mannwell Glenn
Phila 19131 PA - Phone number: 215-400-1771

He is a member of my family and means alot to me. Please Help.
$$$ REWARD $$$

Click here for larger pictures
Klaus: Miniature Schnauzer, Salt/Pepper, Great with kids, Spayed/neutered, Does not like other dogs
Lost: Sunday, 1/29/10 Windber PA

Please help us find our beloved pet, Klaus. He is a great companion and we miss him very much. He loves car rides. Reward offered for safe return
$$$ REWARD $$$

Click here for larger pictures
Sienna: Black Lab/chow mix. Has a lab coat. Left the house with a pink collar.
Lost Saturday Jan. 22nd at 1130am Manchester Township, PA
Allison Graham
2200 Bernays Drive York PA - Phone number: 717-824-0253

Please help Sienna find her way home. She has a 3yr old brother and parents that miss her very much!!
$$$ REWARD $$$

Click here for larger pictures
Maggie; Large brown labradoodle; shaggy, curly fur long tail; 50 pounds; pink collar with pink heart listing her name and owner information
Lost 12/4/2010 Derry, PA
Mary Beth Allison
516 E. Third Avenue Derry 15627 PA - Phone number: 724.694.9254

Maggie is dearly missed by her 7 year old owner. He asked Santa to bring her home for Christmas!
$$$ REWARD $$$

Click here for larger pictures
Oscar: Dachshund, male. About 4 years old. Neutered. Dark Brown, (brindle). Was wearing a blue collar. His tail is crooked. It looks like it may have been broken at some point and didn't heal properly. I rescued him from the animal shelter in Miami, FL about 4 years ago. He does have a chip. Oscar is very friendly and loves to ride in the car. Micro-chipped
Lost Monday, December 20th. Northeast Philadelphia area. (19114). Sherwood Crossing Apartments. The main apartment building door was open and when we let the maintenance man into the apartment he ran into the hallway and found the main building door open. He loves to run so he ran out. Oscar if very difficult to catch when he is at full speed.

$$$ REWARD $100.00 $$$

Click here for larger pictures
Pepita: She is a 1 year old chihuahua/boston/terrier/corgi mix. She is mostly black (with some white) and has big ears! She was recently spayed and still has a shaved abdomen and spay scar. She is very fearful, especially of men.
Lost December 7th, 2010 at 4pm 237 West 10th Avenue Conshohocken, PA 19428
Megan Minchin
134 West Baltimore Ave Apt. 2 Lansdowne 19050 PA - Phone number: 610-509-4829

Click here for larger pictures
Abby is 1 yr old, weighs approx 13 lbs and has no tail.
Lost 10-12-10 Macungie Borough in the subdivision behind the post office/CVS/Weis

Abby is very sweet and does not bite but may be skittish of strangers. Abby is current on all her shots and heartworm meds. She is wearing a camo collar with tags.
$$$ REWARD upon safe return $$$

Click here for larger pictures
Murphy is a 3yr old tan and black German Shepard. He is not wearing a collar/tags. He is very friendly and loves people and other dogs.
Lost 9/19/10 Madison Court in the Neshanimy Valley area in Bensalem, PA. (The townhouses across from the 7-eleven).

Please if you hear about any German Shepard running around call me. Any time day or night. He's my big baby and I haven't stopped crying since he left.

Click here for larger pictures
DC: Red nose Pit Bull light brown, white paws and chest also white strip down head
Lost: September 9th 2010 Norristown, PA area off of 600 Sandy St and Airy St
Bett Burns
1330 W Main St Norristown, 19401 PA - Phone number: 610-787-1618

Please return DC his mommy misses him.
$$$ REWARD $100.00 $$$

Click here for larger pictures
Patti: Adult White, Short-Haired Anatolian Shepherd/Great Pyrenees Cross. Wearing Bright Purple Collar. She is a Livestock Guard Dog and may gravitate towards livestock. She is people shy but not aggressive towards people. Her shots and vetting are current.
Lost August 19, 2010 Avonmore, PA (Western PA) May be heading back home to Central OHIO
Jackie Deems
P.O. Box 96 Perrysville OH - Phone number: 419-938-3475

Patti loves guarding livestock (mainly sheep)and would likely gravitate towards them. She is very people shy but not a threat to people or livestock.
$$$ REWARD $$$

Click here for larger pictures
Ricky: brindle and white, 4 y.o. 60 lb. pit mix wearing black collar with tags (name tag, rabies tag, license and 24 Hour Pet Watch). He may be dragging part of broken flexi-leash as the dog walker was using the wrong leash - rated for a Pomeranian, not a big dog! Ricky is neutered and has floppy ears and a long, very active tail with a white tip. He is mostly white on the bottom and brindle on the top with a white face and a brown splotch over his left ear and the left side of his head. He has a brindle spot on the top of his head and a black ring around his right eye.
When was lost: June 11, 2010 Corner of Brodhead and Monroe, College Hill, Easton, PA Last seen at the corner of Brodhead and Pierce around 5pm on Friday the 11th.
Sherry Morse
321 W. Burke St. Easton 18042 PA - Phone number: 973-610-7993

He is a bit wary about strangers so may not come up to somebody he doesn't know unless they have a dog with them. He is more likely to respond to "Cookie" than his name although shaking a dish of food may work too. He is not the brightest dog around so if he's been following his nose and not looking up he probably can't find his way home without help. My mother has a traumatic brain injury and seizures and he is her unofficial therapy dog. She had hip replacement surgery on the 14th of June and so cannot continue searching for him and is taking this very, very hard.
$$$ REWARD $$$

Click here for larger pictures
Henry is a small beagle (about 34 lbs) with traditional beagle markings - white with black and brown spots. She's got no front teeth and is about 8 years old.
Lost Thursday June 17 at 7:30pm 3322 Wiehle St in East Falls, Philadelphia, PA.
Scott Cranin
3322 Wiehle St Philadelphia 19129 PA - Phone number: 215-622-3141

She's scared of loud noises and people. If you approach her with a soft voice and a piece of chicken or a biscuit she'll gladly wag her way over to you, unless she misses us as much as we miss her.
$$$ REWARD $500.00

Click here for larger pictures
Dakota: Pure Breed Black Labrador. Age: 1 1/2 98 lbs.
Lost 5/5/2010 Coatesville, PA Area Route 340 and Bonsall Road
556 Martins Corner Road Coatesville 19320 PA - Phone number: 610-506-1821

Dakata is a Neutered Male Black Labrador - he broke out of his collar/leash from our backyard so no collar or tags
$$$ REWARD $$$

Click here for larger pictures
Penny: Fawn colored Pug - 8 years old - spayed female She weighs around 22-24 pounds. Wearing red collar and tags. VERY FRIENDLY - will go with anyone.
Lost April 26, 2010 Latrobe, PA 15650

The family's children are anxious to have her home. She requires daily medication an...d a special diet. Any information is greatly appreciated. Reward if found. .
$$$ REWARD $$$

Click here for larger pictures
Isis: black and white husky with blue eyes. Female, Medium Size w/purple collar
Lost 3/3/2010 Wyndmoor, PA
7810 Qeen Street Wyndmoor PA - Phone number: 267-570-7067

Please contact anytime day or night or even if you saw Isis
$$$ REWARD $$$

Click here for larger pictures
Oliver: Tiny short haired Gray Chihuahua with a white chest. He is about 4lbs and is 15 months old. His nas not be neutered.
Lost Friday, February 5th around 8pm 336 Titan Street
Jessica Tyrrell
336 Titan Street 19147 PA --- Phone number: 215-380-4905

Our beloved Chihuahua Oliver escaped from our yard on Friday night. He was last seen near 5th and Washington Ave near the bus stop at 8pm. He can be scared of most humans and we fear he is now trapped in or under a storage shed or other hiding place in someone's yard. With the snow, he could not have gotten far. PLEASE if you live in this area or know anyone who does, please check your yard. If you know someone who has him or have seen someone with him please know that we desperately want him home. He comes from a very loving home and we will do anything to get him back.
$$$ REWARD $500.00 $$$