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We put our 14 year of experience to the service of Lost Pets to help them find their way home. Information is important as well as immediate exposure and we use our website, social networks, veterinarians, shelters, rescue groups and even local volunteers to participate in the search for the lost ones. We know that we are not able to save all of them, but surely we can change the life of those we bring back home: we are on the pet`s side cuz we love them!
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The Pet Rescue


Headquartered in Las Vegas, NV, The Pet Rescue is operating in the US with various domain in order to help the families that are suffering the loss of a pet. The Pet Rescue using modern tecnologies and communication capabilities including Smart SMS Alert and the creation of the largest volunteers group to bring tangible support to lost pet families. A network of contacts has been built with over 75,000 participants able to give a substancial support to the information channelling giving us the possibility to offer a Free Service and particular additionals at very little prices.
5 million pets are lost every year in the US and only the 14% finds the way home. The Pet Rescue wants to make a difference with the help of the over 70,000 professional contacts covering all over the US. Probably we are not able to save all of them but surely we will make a difference in the life of those that we help to get back home!

We cover all the United States with our processing center in Nevada. The Pet Rescue is offering a various array of servivces most of them free of charges offering also what will be the largest portal for pets:"We PoliceLove Pets Club". The Club is in its final stages of construction and it is already operative offering opportunities and discounts with live veterinarian and legal support for animal lovers including a Blood Bank.


We are aware that there are some criminals impersonating The Pet Rescue "√Ągents" that are calling lost pets families promising absurdities and trying to get Credit Card information or money for a service to bring the lost pet home within two hours. This is a scam! The Pet Rescue does not have agents and we do not call to sell a service that is free on our website. If you receive a phone call with those characteristics, please call the police. Help us fight this crime, help us stop this criminals preying on people`s pain.



The Pet Rescue
Las Vegas, NV
Phone: 1-702-508-4280

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Never lose your pet with the Whistle GPS Pet Tracker

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Las Vegas, NV
1-702-508-4280 Webutation
OIPA The Pet Rescue is a member of OIPA, International Organization for Animal Protection a NGO Associated with the U. N. Dep. of Public Information.