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The Pet Rescue, the largest network in North America with over 65,000 participants: shelters, animal control agencies, rescue groups,veterinarians, Neighborhood Watch programs and pet lovers, is providing unique nationwide support for lost pets families. 18,000 pets are lost every day in US, only the 14% is making its way home: Probably we are not able to save all of them but surely we will make a difference in the life of those that we help back home!


International Organization for Animal Protection

June 2014


The national authorities have confirmed that STOP VIVISECTION have collected more than 1 million valid signatures! This means that STOP VIVISECTION - the European Citizens' Intiative to ban the cruel practice of testing on animals - will continue the institutional process and will be the first Citizens’ Initiative discussed and analysed by the next European Parliament and European Commission. In September 2014, the official hearing of the representatives of Stop Vivisection will be held at the European Parliament.
OIPA would like to thank you all for signing and promoting the petition!

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Mumbai: The Bombay High Court has ordered the release of Sunder the elephant into a sanctuary. 13-year-old Sunder who has been in captivity and was kept chained inside a dark shed at a Temple in the Kolhapur district of Maharashtra for seven years will finally be free from the torture. The Bombay High Court asks authorities to implement a state government order to release Sunder into the wild that was issued in August 2012.

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As of May 1st, the Congress in Mexico City has approved some new changes to animal protection laws such as: mandatory registry of the animal and its owner in order to avoid abandonment. Mexican Health Department will be in charge of the records and information gathered from owners of cats and dogs who according to this law will be required to register their pets as soon as they get them. A chip will be implanted in the pet containing their owner´s name and address, vaccination history and sterilisation status.

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The heartbreaking story of Victoria, a stray dog giving birth to her 8 puppies then set on fire by a man, caused a huge amount of indignation and complaints. This man is getting away with paying only a fine of 400 euros and no time in prison while, according to the law, the man is facing up to 5 years in prison and a fine of 1,800 to 3,000 euros. So, people are demanding the authorities to stick to the law and make necessary amendments to punish whoever dares to commit this type of crimes. 

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OIPA Cameroon launched animal welfare education programs in five primary schools of Bafut, in the North West region of the country. The aim of the campaign was to educate and sensitize children to animal welfare. Volunteers of OIPA Cameroon explained that animals deserve respect and they asked how their families treat their animals, generally goats and pigs.

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The ministry of environment and nature protection in Cameroon has placed a ban on the production, selling and the use of non-degradable plastic products. The ban went effective on 24 th April 2014. The aim of this ban is to protect natural soil and the environment. Following this important news, the representative OIPA in Cameroon, Mr Che Gilbert, organized an educative field trip to Ndawara with some students of a comprehensive college in Bamenda.

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International Organization for Animal Protection
Organisation Internationale pour la Protection des Animaux
Internationale Organisation für Tierschutz
Organizzazione Internazionale per la Protezione degli Animali
NGO Associated with the United Nations Department of Public Information
Organizzazione Non Governativa (ONG) affiliata al Dipartimento della Pubblica Informazione dell’ONU


OIPA, International Organization for Animal Protection, is an International Confederation of associations for the animal protection and for the defense of animal rights all over the world. OIPA was founded in 1981 by Milly Shär Manzoli and belongs to the Union for the Abolition of Vivisection.
OIPA is a Non-Governmental Organization affiliated to the UN Department of Public Information since 1992.
The Organization’s purpose consists in the defense of animal rights and in the defense of the animals from every kind of mistreatment. It also follows the purpose of improving the public health through the abolishment of any kind of animal experiment throughout the world.
The Organization also works for environmental defense, where precarious ecological conditions may damage the human health and animal and vegetal life in their wholeness.
The Organization wants to bring it’s contribute for a better, a healthier and a more human world, for a medical science that is not based on violence, for a more efficient sanitarian structure, for an ecologically clean environment.
The activities of OIPA are based exclusively on non-violence and non-infringement of individual personal liberty.
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