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The Pet Rescue, the largest network in North America with over 65,000 participants: shelters, animal control agencies, rescue groups,veterinarians, Neighborhood Watch programs and pet lovers, is providing unique nationwide support for lost pets families. 18,000 pets are lost every day in US, only the 14% is making its way home: Probably we are not able to save all of them but surely we will make a difference in the life of those that we help back home!



4 days found or refund.

We have reorganized our 4 days search option to be more effective. The search is carried on for 4 days, weather conditions will determine an extension of the search time. The area where the search is carried on is decided by the volunteers in relation to the area and the pet. Cats are more to stay close to the house while dogs are more incline to walk away from the area, bear in mind that a Golden Retriever can walk even 15 miles in a day. Small pets are usually picked up by Good Samaritans and they can end up in some other areas, for this is important that the information package is in place. It is upon volunteers to determine if there are reasons to stop the search. The cost of this additional service is $ 60.00 that can be refunded if the 4days search is not successful. Refunds are not issued automatically. Please refer to the section Request Refund here below to apply. Volunteers participating in the searches are private individuals offering this service from their love for pets, no personal information will be released without their authorization. Volunteers participating in the local searches, do not attach flyers or knock at doors. Unfortunately we have been fine and reported for harassement. Every city, every area has different rules and regulation on these matters.


There is a 15 days window to request the refund, after that we will not be able to guarantee it in the usual timeframe. Please click the link here below to reach the form request.

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Request Refund

This service is not available in: AK, MT, ND, SD, ID, UT, MS, WV, VT, ME, HI and in some cities.


Lifetime Gold Shield

The Pet Rescue is offering an immediate support in case of your pet is lost. Just a phone call or an e-mail message to inform us of the pet disappearance and we will have the information sent to our network with absolute priority. An ad will be placed on the site; the information will be posted in our four FaceBook pages, Google, Twitter, RSS, Red Alerts and the search will start. The Lifetime Gold Shield is part of the Premium Service, if a pet will be lost again, we will start the service for free for all the pet's life. The GoldShield cannot be purchased as a standalone the service that represent a safe harbor in the eventuality that disaster strikes will be available shortly as part of the Apple Application "My Pet" and part of the plan "Before disaster strucks" Information and details will be available shortly.


The Pet Rescue with its 65,000 participants, is the largest network of veterinarians, shelters, rescue groups, pet services, neighborhood watch and pet lovers in North America!

We take an active role in finding your pet: Time is the Essence! We don't simply have an automatically uploaded ad, we manually post it. We contact you if there is missing data and we follow through with our professional pet contacts in an area from 50 to 75 miles radius. Your ad will be on line until the pet is found, complete with photographs and videos provided by you and the service will be performed every 30 days for a total of 6 months with no additional charges including updating information on Facebook, Twitter, Google+. Our service is the only one that offers extensive nationwide coverage complete with photos. RED ALERT RSS, 8 Face Book pages, Google+, Twitter and so on. The amount of $80.00 is to reasonably cover our expenses incurred in this process. This is one time fee, no recurring or hidden charges. Certainly you will agree that the services rendered (manually posting these agencies every month monitoring the network for six months offering a 24/7 support) is worthy of this small fee. The value is there. We thank you for your consideration with us. The Pet Rescue fees are used to support the web site and for the development of THE SANCTUARY, a home for forgotten pets that will be built in Las Vegas, Nevada for pets saved from Kill Shelters all over the US.

ACTIVE PREMIUM SERVICE detailed description

Editing - The information that we receive is elaborated, edited to fit the right purpose in the ad. Mistakes will be corrected and locations verified.

The Ad Posted - With the information an ad will be prepared for the States page where the pet is lost, areas can be expanded to other States if necessary. The ad will remain on the web site until the pet is found

Pictures -There is no limit to the pictures and/or videos that can be attached to the ad. The rotating thumb-nail present in the ad is linked to a page whith pictures of 640 pixels width and videos. Pictures are adapted to fit the right dimensions, cropped, faces will be pixelated. Pictures can be uploaded with the form or can be e-mailed directly to us as attachments.

Flyers with 4 different colored layouts will be prepared to be printed out by the customer and/or the various professional offices and posted in common area or bulletin boards.

Priority Publishing: the ad will be published as soon as received, sometimes within minutes or maximum a couple of hours. A confirmation e-mail including a copy of the flyers will be sent to the advertiser the moment that the ad is uploaded and the information sent out to the network and social networks.

Our network participants, in a 50 to 75 miles radius: veterinarians, shelters, pet rescue groups, pet services, neighborhood watch, pet lovers will be informed by e-mail of the missing pet. They will receive all the information including the printable flyers.

Red Alert RSS - Pet information will be also included in the RED ALERT STRIP, present in almost every page in our web site and in increasing number of web sites in the US. This information is updated in real time and can be seen in I pods and systems with Android (soon to be ready) with the description linked to the web site’s page where the ad is located.

The information will be listed in our 6+2 Face-book pages: The Pet Rescue – PetFinder - Noah Ark - Pets lost and found in US - My Pet is Lost - Missing Pets. Plus a State Page (your-state Pets Lost and Found) and a Personalized Page ( example: My Pet **** Is Lost ). Our Google+ page and our Twitter channel.

Carousel the pet picture is also posted in our home page carousel linked to the pet's pictures page.

The service will be repeated every 30 days for a total of 6 times ( 6 months) with no additional charges, in the unfortunate possibility that the pet is not found. We strongly suggest you to submit any update you may have in regards to your pet. The ad will remain posted until the pet is found.

E-mail protection. Your e-mail address is not present in the web site to protect you from spam and other unpleasant e-mail contacts. No other sensitive information is present in our server.

LIFETIME SHIELD – In the unfortunate eventuality that the pet is lost again, the Premium Service information/search will be performed immediately without charges. Pet's registration in the Lifetime Shield program is automatic with the purchase of the Premium Service. It is for the pet's lifetime.

Additional Reward - A $ 50 additional Reward is occasionally offered in particular situations especially where financial situation are making impossible for the advertiser to post a reward, This money is a gift from The Pet Rescue. Some restrictions may apply.


Refunds, cancellations, modifications: For obvious reasons, we cannot issue refunds after the ad is published and the information is sent out to the network. Cancellation requests by e-mail including the name of the pet, name of the guardian, State where the ad is published received before the publication of the ad, will be accepted and a full refund will be issued. Modifications to the content of the ad, additional pictures and so on, can be sent to us by e-mail; the e-mail must have the name of the pet and the State where the ad was posted.

You can pay with your Credit or Debit Cards through PayPal secure system, no need to have a PayPal account to use the system; certified check, money order, direct deposit are also accepted. For the certified checks and money order the ad will be published only when the funds are cleared on The Pet Rescue account. For the direct deposit, the information about the pet has to be sent and the banking information will be e-mailed to the advertiser. Ad will be published as soon as the Counter Deposit has cleared.

Confirmation e-mail and Service Number: After the service is completed an e-mail message will be sent with the number of the service. It is important that the confirmation e-mail received is sent back by simply hitting reply in order to acknowledge the receipt and to confirm the service number. You will need the Confirmation Number to request the refund if you purchased the Local Search.

Peace of Mind - You will get the peace of mind that everything possible is being done to help your lost pet get back home. Our combination of alerts has successfully reunited thousands of lost pets with their families in the past years

Contact support for details.

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